Saturday, April 01, 2017

Don't Pop Bubble Wrap!



(April 1, 2017, Washington D.C.)
The FDA has issued a warning urging consumers not to pop "bubble wrap" after detecting the presence of high levels of nitrogen peroxide in the "bubbles." Inhalation of even small amounts can lead to dizziness, disorientation, and unconsciousness.
Bubble wrap, commonly used in packaging to protect shipped items against damage, is typically found as a clear plastic sheet with a regular, closely spaced pattern of encapsulated gas. The capsules (or "bubbles") are easily burst with a pinch of the fingers, and many find the act pleasant and satisfying.
Gaseous nitrogen peroxide, generated as a byproduct of certain plastics manufacturing processes, has been used as an injected gas in bubble wrap manufactured in some plants in China, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Since the wrap is unmarked, consumers have no means of determining whether wrap that they encounter was manufactured in one of these facilities, or in a facility that uses ordinary air, which is more common. 

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